24hr DVD Player?



Hi was looking for a DVD Player that will run 24 hrs a day. I work at a hotel that has a info DVD that I need to run all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions?



Just buy the cheapest thing you can find and keep it well cooled. DVD players are running around $40 on sale.


Well the brand hotel I work for has a info DVD that tells the guest all of the goodies we have. I have a channel mod hooked up in my TV/Movie system in my hotel. That room is air conditioned so it runs cool al year round. It will run on channel 19. In the past i have tried regular DVD players set on loop and after a couple months it burned up. I then bought one at best-buy with a warenty and they fixed it once. I told them it was a personal player. I know that they make Commercial players for keosks that play over and over again, but have no idea what brand. Also been looking a Karaoke machines that runs 5 disks too. But in the long run it may be cheaper to buy 3 cheap ones a year :slight_smile:



That’s what I was thinking. As soon as they put a label on it as a “professional or commercial” player, price goes way up. I suppose you could take the cover off to cool it, if it’s a relatively dust-free area.


Or get your hands on a PSU and some Computer fans, and mod your dvd player to accommodate the fans. A Dremel tool would come in handy for this.


You can get a small 12v power supply at Radio Shack that will power a small fan very nicely. I’ve done that with audio components. It’s just a small transformer that plugs in the wall, like this.


You’ve just helped me like you’d never be able to ever understand dude. :slight_smile:


rdgrimes, looks like you are the man this time…LOL!!! :iagree:


If you mount a blower in the case, don’t put it near to the optical head or drive spindle. Fans will cause dust to collect and that will shorten lifespans. Put it near the rear of the box, sucking air out of the case. You may also need to consider making holes to let air into the case, the same precautions apply. You’ll also find 12v fans and blowers at R.S., get the lowest airflow you can find.