249th comic - Jon, Garfield and the girl from the Blindwrite hotline

Heya everybody,

so the last week before the big comic break is finally here. So here we go with a new comic about a new girl from the hotline… :clap: :iagree:
Well I’m not quite sure if Jon will survive this day… but please read for yourself:

…well soon Mrs. Feeny will be back again in one of the next comics…
…good ol’ Mrs. Feeny :clap: :smiley: :iagree:


LMAO!!! :iagree:

LOL!!! This is really a great comic Alex!! :iagree: :iagree:

She’s picking up a big rock :bow: :bow:

LOL :bigsmile:

Jon’s always a big hit with the ladies… :disagree:

LLLLLLOOOOOOOOL, GREAT ONE, Jon and the ladies, great