247th comic... READ THIS <--

Heya everybody,

well due to the feedback on the 247th comic the comic has been removed from this forum. The idea with the bomb in the TV show was not funny … well I can understand this, because of the things that happened in London a few weeks ago. :confused: … Okay from my point of view I want to say sorry again!!

Okay I think this is a good point to announce this year’s big comic break:

from 29th July to 15th August… <-- no comic during this time

I will try to create a new comic for the number 247… and hope this one will be better… I hope you still enjoy my comics and are not angry about this unfortunate situation. Please give feedback and I hope this is OK for you!! :confused:


For me comic was/is funny I don’t see the relation between London and this comic, didn’t even think for a second about this. The things that happened two weeks ago and happened today are sad and wrong… Although no one would have probably removed it when a bomb would have been detonated in Iraq, Afghanistan…

Damn, I missed it! :a

Will you post it on the (Un)official Blindwrite Comics site? :confused:

Ok, I just read comic 247 and my reaction was:

Whahahahahaha, this one is really funny. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

I don’t see any relationship between London and this comic. :disagree:

Womble I don’t know why you removed it. :confused:

I would say, POST IT!

Drat! My slow posting practices have finally bit me on the @ss. I missed it, too. :doh:

Pssst, look at Rylex signature. :wink:

My thoughts were simply that Bombs attacks in London and this just didn’t mix well on the same day.

As I said to Rylex I will be more than happy to move it back here (It hasn’t been deleted) in a few days once everything has calmed down again.

I did it I the best intent so that no-one could say that Rylex was making fun of the bombings. You know that someone whould have.

Expect it back soon, here.

Okay, that’s fair and understandable. :iagree:

LOL :bigsmile:

I just read 247 (thanks again for the PM, Rylex!) and really liked it! I didn’t see any connection with London or Iraq or New York, but living in the US, I’ve grown accustomed to censorship of all kinds. :cop:

@Namoh: I go to the (Un)official BW Comic site for the earlier ones that aren’t here anymore from '01 & '02, which are some of the GREAT ones. I figured I’d get around to it eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

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