247 file swappers across Europe & Canada face legal action

I just posted the article 247 file swappers across Europe & Canada face legal action.

 Fr4nz used our news submit to let  us know that legal action is being taken place on file swappers across Europe  and Canada.  The International  Federation of the Phonographic...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8058-247-file-swappers-across-Europe--Canada-face-legal-action.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8058-247-file-swappers-across-Europe--Canada-face-legal-action.html)

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>> Fr4nz added: …will they understand >> that P2P isn’t the cause of sales >> decrease? They know already! This has nothing to do with ‘reality’: it’s just about maintaining share values in the short term (long enough for the respective Directors to get this year’s bonus) They blame sales decline on P2P then hit it hard with legal action etc to show the shareholders the have the situation ‘under control’. Once they’ve stamped-out P2P and the profits are still tumbling if anybody says ‘weren’t those actions against down-loaders pointless’ they’ll change the reason for the actions to ‘well, it was illegal anyway’ (even if they themselves made it so!). Of course they’ll have to find another way to justify poor balance-sheets but that’s 18 months, three sets of six-monthly profit reports and probably another board of Directors away…

Where is the source of this news, specifically the Canadian part. I find this part the most interesting: “Now this has been proved wrong since its ISPs have been forced to reveal the subscriber’s identity for file sharing on suspect IP addresses.” Proof? ::

“probably another board of Directors away…” - you mean another board of prize peni don’t you?

I’ll tell you all this…so long as the music industry is suing listerners, I’ll refuse to buy CDs. We will get what we want if we stand firm.

I bought my last CD a few years ago. RIAA’s reputation is so bad now that most people I know have started boycutting CD’s because they don’t want to feed this monster. Unfortunatly the RIAA will just keep blaming piracy for any decline in sales. BTW, 450 suspected pirates have been threatned with lawsuits in Denmark this week. :r

“We will get what we want if we stand firm.” To be honost…i would talk differently when afther i get a warning…i would shit my pants.

Actually… I wouldn’t give a flying f**k if I got something in the mail. There are sooo many idiotic loopholes in their argument about file offerings and possession of such media that its feeble deck of cards! PLUS… MP3 really do not represent a song! Its actually a low-quality version that does not 100% represent the quality of the store-bought product. In fact, its an inferior reproduction and can be argued in court! CD Audio runs at 320Khz+ while my MP3s are, on average 128-192Khz with some at 320Khz… Its all a purile joke of modern day technological jokes! I have a lawyer friend that just laughs at all these threats! So many feeble arguments we’ve just become a “culture of fear”… Further to all this: I just used WinMX, Kazaa, and Limewire to grab all the latest top-30 alternative rock tracks (usually grab every 1-2 months) but never offered them for other to upload. If they went after me I would laugh… Gawd such fat tie-wearing YES men should all die a thousand deaths! What a waste of resources. Its THE FALL OF ROME all over again. Civilization’s own “shifting of the sands”…

Thudmeizer: I think the ‘Khz’ that you’re speaking of is actually bitrate (kbps), and it’s way off. ::

Yea my bad but would gives a shiet now… GREAT NEWS FOR CANADIANS hot off the presses!! Online music swapping legal: court TORONTO - People who share music files on the internet are safe after a Federal Court rejected a motion on Wednesday that would have allowed the music industry to sue them. Justice Konrad von Finckenstein said the Canadian Recording Industry Association hadn’t shown copyright infringement by 29 people who had allowed their music files to be uploaded. Making files available in online, shared directories is within the bounds of Canadian copyright law, von Finckenstein ruled. MORE INFO HERE: http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2004/03/31/canada/download_court040331 Damn… there is justice in this life!!! :wink:

Thudmeizer, I just posted that link to CD Freaks news… maybe I should have read this thread first :slight_smile: In any case, I’m kind of surprised at that court ruling. I guess file sharing is ok here in Canada, as long as the copyright law doesn’t change. Apparently, it’s ok to share your mp3s, assuming you own the orignal cds.

247 out of how many millions? I am sure these sharers are quivering with fear. Not! To the industry I say this “I fart in your general direction”.