244th comic - The 10 million dollars Ding-Dong!

Heya everybody,

so the Ding-Dong series is soon over. Well I just hope you liked it… but I still got 2 other Ding-Dong comics to go… :iagree: :wink: … today Garfield is waiting for… for what? … come on you know: FOR FOOD! :iagree: … so he’s waiting for the pizza delivery guy… … and - well check this out. This just had to happen one day:

…Garfield sure only thinks about food! :smiley:

…to be continued…


this is the fasted reaction ever :smiley: less than 10 sec.

great comic, to bad that the Din-Dong series is over :frowning: I liked it much

@H3rB3i - yes that sure was the fastest feedback I’ve ever seen…
Congratulations… that was really only a few seconds!

So you’re the new fastest feedback master again :wink:

very funny i like the ding-dong series

Thanks c22shooter …

like I said… 2 more comics in the Ding-Song series… :wink:

Great comic Alex. :iagree:

I guess our cat doesn’t know he could buy every pizza he wants with that money. :bigsmile:

:disagree: One of my reactions has been within 3 seconds of Alex posting a comic … but you’re damn quickly this time. :iagree:

More ding-dong comics!! :iagree:

FEED US, FEED US. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 secs are damn fast. I needed 3 secs to paste and click submit reply

Cool comic series as c22shooter mentioned really funny :slight_smile:

I think I will stop this fastest feedback stuff… everybody who gives feedback is welcome! :wink: …just like kalas … thanks kalas! :slight_smile:
…I just can say… you will laugh very much if you’ve seen the last Ding-Dong comic… :wink: … so stay tuned!

as you say :iagree:

That’s the same way I did it. :confused:
I saw Alex creating the comic, so I refreshed like a madman :wink: and when the comic came up, I hit reply, copy + past, submit.

@Alex, I don’t mind as long as you keep posting those comics. :iagree:

Great one. If you lot are the fastest posters I must be the slowest. :slight_smile:

LOL :bigsmile:

Funny stuff.

@Womble - I would be right there with you for the slowest & mass posts. :smiley: