24103S up to 32123S and Firmware Upgrades



I've flashed my 24103S up to a 32123S so I now have a 32 speed drive.

The Liteon site has an upgraded firmware for the 32123S so I assume I can now use that to flash my drive right??

I've kept the firmware to flash back to a 24103S from OC-freaks thread just in case!

If I flash my drive to the new firmware (XSOR) will I still be able to flash back to a 24103S using the same file???

It took me long enough to have the balls to flash the upgrade in the first place, I need this confirming before I upgrade still further!

Many Thanks for your replies.


havent done the flashing back to 24103s…

but after u’ve changed it to a 32123s… u can use the site’s 32123S f/w to upgrade… I’ve done it :slight_smile:


So long as I’m not alone in Flashing to the new firmware!!

I expect if I do need to go back to the 24103S someone around here could help me out. :smiley:

The only reason I ask is if it all goes wrong and I have to return it, I would try to have a stab at getting it back to the way it was when I bought it.


Your Litey is now a 321240S, the hardware is the same for both writers only difference the driver software, and you can now do the flash to XSOR in Windows. I’ve done it as well. If you look at OC-Freaks Liteon “Patched, back-up …” thread you will find the back flash if you want it to x24. but why???

Good Luck!


and there should be no concerns for doing this upgrade ??

I want to flash…but dare to do it :wink:



I was only concerned if I had to return the drive if it went belly up.

I’m sure if they saw that the 24 speed drive they sold me had miraculously turned itself into a 32 speed drive they would soon throw it back at me.

Too late now anyway, I flashed the new firmware earlier today.

Thanks for the replies