24103s to 32123s is there a downside?


I was just wondering if there was any negative effects of flashing a 24103s to a 32123s. When i say negative effects i mean like the life of the writer is shortened, not able to use firmwares etc.

I am getting the 24103s in a week and i wanted to upgrade it using the patched firmware but if this can cause the life of it to be shortened i will not do this.


I dun think there is a downside…cause the 24103S is actually a repackaged 32123S… differ only in terms of firmware :slight_smile:

at least…thats the impression i have…

So far it seems to work just nice :wink:

One downside is that by flashing it to a 32X you woids the warranty.

thanks for the info :smiley:

Hi slayerking,

I also own a LiteON 24103s and wanted to upgrade but did not dare to. But today I closed my eyes and hit the FLASH button and everything went perfect. So now I literally own a LiteON 32123S burner for the prize of the 24103S. That’s actually rather cool.

I even upgraded the burner with the newest firmware from LiteON’s site and that worked too. I’m still able to burn Safedisc and all but now a little bit faster.

Regarding the speed - that was what kept me from flashing as I did not need the extra 30 seconds…but now I got a second child so every second counts now :rolleyes: !!

So I hope you’ve already flashed too…