24102B wont burn cd-rw

I flashed my 24102B with the 5S5A firmware and it now works with some media that it previously wouldnt,and still burns cd-r no problem,but it will not now burn cd-rw,it will play then ok,but if i try to burn a cd-rw it just hangs after displaying the lead in lead out message ,using nero 6. I am unsure if this is to do with the flashing or if it is a prob with the drive,which is 1 year old.

i tried using the windows flasher to return to the previous bios,but of course it says that i have the latest version already,and as i am using XP Pro,i am unsure about how i would use a dos prog to revert to the old bios.

I can still use my panasonic dvd rw to burn cd-rw’s,but i am just curious why my liteon wont burn them anymore,any info would be most appreciated.

Thanks Shimano.