24102B Problem

I have a Liteon 24102B out of a Gateway with FW 5GS5, recorder
sees every disc as audio will not show data. Nero demo is software I am checking drive out with. I can not find support from Gateway for this drive, Is there a FW upgrade that will work with this drive, I tried Liteon 5S5A with mtkflash but would not work.
Any help appreciated.

2nd try with mtkflash worked FW now 5S5A however recorder
still does not record acts like it is recording, Nero says was sucessful but does not show any data so I will just use CD-ROM,
better than nothing.


what happened with mtkflash?


mtkflash loaded 5S5A but had solid green light I had to
reload 5GS5 that put me back where I was.

make sure in nero that simulate is disabled…