24102B now in BIOS as MIUE-00 MTS-34103B!

Today i noticed that my Liteon 24102B drive is not available in my w2k box. Even find new hw can’t find it. I checked BIOS and there is MIUE-00 MTS-34103B!
Is drive dead or what? Any way to repair it? Please help me!

If drive isdead, which drive should i get from 48X series?

try a new ide cable.

Also try flashing it in DOS with mtkflash.

IMPORTANT. make sure the cables are ok before attempting to flash it.

when the drive shows up at POST with weird characters that is usually a sign that the data its reciving from the drive is being corrupted.

heat, age , stress are all things that can make a cheap cable just finaly wear out. try a different ide cable or try the drive in another computer before you try and write new firmware because if the data is corrupted then the eeprom WILL have bad data in it.