24102b not capable of sd v2.30.031?

I’ve tried for several days to backup mechcommander2. I’ve changed my firmware 3 times and it seems as if my litey(24102b) has let me down.

There are strange circumstances though, my litey will not read the bad sectors on the original at all. Not even to do the cd check. I can’t even play the ORIGINAL without using a nocd crack. When burning with clone the log shows absolutely no bad sectors. I thought my burner might of croaked so did a backup of MW4 Mercs (my most recent game) and it worked fine.

Is it possible that MS made this game or version of SD so that liteys couldn’t play them? Incidently my cd rom is a litey too (same prob wont read).

Im wondering if some other program which is resident on my system such as safecast (packaged with mw4 mech paks) is blocking the bad sectors from being read (some sort of emulating no bad sectors), or if alcohol 120 or clonecd is blacklisted by this program as I cant “emulate bad sectors” using alcohol successfully.

All i get is “please insert correct cd…”

Im at a loss , any input would be appreciated. =)

Originally posted by HG_LoneWulf
I can’t even play the ORIGINAL without using a nocd crack.

If you can’t play the original without a no-cd crack then the original is bad and you should take it back to where you bought it to have it replaced.

Btw, the writer has no difficulties in copying that version of safedisc (or any other version for that matter). However, if the original is bad, then obviously any copy of it will be bad too. :wink:

It would seem the same to me. What perplexs me is that it doesnt do what bad media usually does. Scratchs give you extra bad sectors, but what takes them away ???

That burner should be able to “backup” that game.
I would recommend taking the cd back to where it was purchased in exchange for another one. One thing we dont condone is use of illegal cracks.