24102b Clv Zones

hi all.
i have read i the forum that when writing at 20x or 24x, the 24102B writes with z-clv.

My question is : when , during the burn, the writing switches “zones”, does the writing have to stop momentarily?

i am mainly asking this because when i burn at 20x + , even though i have dma enabled, the burn stops and the buffers empty and refill once or twice. i am running a P3 800mhz with 256 Ram , so my pc is not stopping the burn.

You will see the led flash orange twice, that’s because it stops writing when it shifts zones. But I can’t remember seing that the buffer empties?

i’ll double chech on my next 20x / 24x burn [i’ve been burning vcd’s lately and i don’t like burning em over 8x]

It also helps speed if you rip your files
to a clean partition and then burn.


Originally posted by tubebuoy
It also helps speed if you rip your files
to a clean partition and then burn.

Sorry, clean partition?

Partition? You can create ‘sections’ on a single HD.
These are called “partitions”. Your C:drive will now
also contain R;E;F; etc.

You can save ‘work’ (movies,games,wave files,etc)
to a partition and leave your C:drive alone.

The 2 main advantages to this are.

  1. If you need to reinstall your OS (on C:) All of your
    work (on D:) will remain intact!

  2. If C: is badly fragmented, you will encounter more
    buffer problems.

For example. I have 3 partitions on my HD. I always rip
my CDs to my D or E drives, then burn. This can greatly
reduce the amount of time spent buffering the data.

After burning, I delete the waves and the D:drive is clean
again. Clean = 0 data = 0% fragmentation.

Sorry this had nothing to do with CLV zones but I hope
it’s still useful.