24102B and UDMA33

I think the answer is obvious here but after some trial and error I found that the BEST writing speed I could get was with the following setup:

HDD on Primary Master
CDR on Secondary Master
2410B on Secondary Slave

I could burn 610MB in just under 5min. The problem I found is that once the burner ramps up to 24x, the data flow can’t keep up and the smartburn kicks in all the time as the buffer drains and fills every few seconds. At the beginning two stages of the burn (16x and 20x) the buffer doesn’t drain. All I can think of at this point is that UDMA33 can’t keep up with a 24x burn. I also noticed using NeroSpeed that the best read performance I could get was just under 24x. All things point to an IDE bottleneck, right?

Am I right here or am I overlooking something? AI is off, DMA is on, I’m on a celery 400 w/128MB and a slow 3.1GB HD (yes, I’m still in the stone age).


Hmmm … I don’t know because I can easily burn with 24x without ANY Buffer-Underruns !

I would say that it your System which is not up to the job !

Sorry !

Make sure your HDD is defragged before attemting to burn at 24x !

One more thing … when burning with 24x speed the burner don’t start to burn with 24x speed on the inner parts of the CD-R it starts with 16x speed and then increase speede as it comes further and further out towards the outer side of the CD-R !
( Known as smart burn … average speed should be close to 24x )

Sometimes you will notice a “blib” in the IDE light on the burner … that’s when it switches speed to a higher value … normally only occurs once !

A Cellie 400MHz and an old harddisk simply can’t supply the writer with enough data. 24x means 3.600kb/s and I’m pretty sure this is too much for your hd. I have a 24x myself and it works fine in UDMA33. I have a new 30GB 7200rpm Maxtor harddisk and the buffer stays at 95-100% all the time.

I have a 400 Celeron and I can burn a CD at full speed with the Lite On. The only time I get the orange light (buffer underrun) is if I try to make an audio CD from mp3 files and decode them on the fly. But even then it only takes about 6 mins. Other than that this burner rules.:cool: Make sure you have the latest via drivers etc.

What kind of harddisk do you have? Like I said I’m pretty sure the problem is his harddisk…

I have a 5400rpm Maxtor 3.1GB. The funny thing is that the read buffer in Nero remains full for the entire burn. It is the CDRW buffer that empties. So isn’t the problem between the read buffer (RAM) and the CDRW buffer?


I have an IBM 7200rpm IDE66. so I guess that would count for something. I used to have a HP 9110 CDRW with the same system setup and I could only burn at 4X, it’s supposed to be able to burn at 8X max, how come the Lite On is so much faster? I dunno… but thank God the HP broke down. hehe

In my case of slow burning I found that although bios detected UDMA windows device manager was using PIO on IDE. Make sure thats changed to DMA if available.

Also up the size of the buffer if option is available in you burning warez config.

Hmm now we’re getting somewhere… I had the same problems with my writer and Windows XP/VIA chipset. It seems Windows XP doesn’t allow the drive to run in DMA mode and will only set it to PIO mode. You can try downloading the VIA PCI Busmaster drivers (from www.viaarena.com) if you’re also using XP and VIA. It worked for me for some time. But I had a lot of problems with burn programs like Nero so I decided to go back to Windows ME for now or maybe 2k later.

I’m fine, can write at full 24x, all the time, even when decoding MP3s on the fly and playing games at the same time. Burner seems to kick for me.

But then I’m running AthlonXP1700, 256DDR Ram, ATA100 HDD.

Sorry to be an unhelpful git…

I think you should check out what Nero version are you using.

When I first got my 24x LiteOn, Smartburn came on every time I burned - despite having IBM 7200 UDMA66 (30GB). Then I found out it was Nero doing it (a bug?) - because the other software had no problems. Once I downloaded and used the latest Nero version - no Smartburn for me ever.

Also, are you using latest firmware?