24102b and 5s5a fw



I have just updated from 5s57 to 5s5a and my drive dissapeared in windows, reflashed via dos back to 5s57 and it comes back again?
Has anyone else tried this fw yet or had a similar prob.



What OS do you have?

You may try to flash again, then reboot and if the drive is not there:

switch off the computer, disconnect the drive, start computer let it boot into windows then switch it off again. Reconnect the drive and switch on again, is it detected now?


Sorry it is win xp pro
Will try disconnecting and reconnecting the drive thanks


i just updated my fw to 5s5a and i got no probs using xp


Burning all the way, even with my dirt cheap @US$0.12 no name media rated at 12X, it burn all the way up to full 24X without a slight hitch.


I used this earlier as my drive hasnt been working properley and all it did was reduce the writing speed to 8x!!!