24 Series 1 (4 Main Chapters on each Disc)

Hey all,

Has anyone been able to copy the 6-DISC Set of 24 (First Series) ??
Each Disc has 4 Main Chapters I can’t work out how to use Decryptor and IFO edit to then burn with DVD2ONE.

Your help is much appreciated.


just search for “episode” and “guide”!

its one of the most wanted theme here! :eek: :wink:

Yes l have backed up my series of 24 on 6 disks,
U need DVDdecryptor, DVD2one, Ifoedit and then Nero to burn it and it works perfectly


l hope this link still works, tell you how to setup and use Ifoedit


Hello to all,

I don’t know these dvd’s but why don’t you do the following:

  1. Decrypt them
  2. Startup DVD2One
  3. Select: Full Disc

Write the result to DVD±R with Nero
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Hello Lenco

l havent used DVD2one full disk options with a TV series diskset yet.
That option wasnt out when l backed up those 6 disks for the series of “24”.

l will try it next time when l get another series to backup



Ive backed up my copy of 24 , only problem i had was with disc 6 , had use ifo edit to fix the VTS sectors.

Thanks guys for ur responses,

I got it working with the instructions from the below link.

This was awsome information and guide, thanks heaps.



You are most welcome :slight_smile:

I think this guide is a little dated now, what with the “full dvd” option in later versions of dvd2one.

Still it’s nice to know that people are still finding it useful.