24 second season disc 6

I can’t copy the disc 6 of the second season of 24! Someone did? and How?
I tried Anydvd + shrink or + clone dvd2 and i also tried dvd decrypter and i got all the lastest version of these programs. HelP!

please post version numbers of programs, region of disc, any error messages you may receive, is your problem is ripping or burning? what model of burner do you have? what firmware is installed? what’s the media id code on the blank discs you’re using? what methods you’ve used? (ie are you processing in shrink or are you using the anydvd ripper first?)

tell us something! we can’t help without information…

I have backed up this season and all discs were backed up with dvdshrink. Disc 6 was no different from the others. Is it scratched?