24 Season 6 discs 4-6 decrypt improperly



While backing up 24 Season 6 I noticed that the first 3 discs (6 total) decripted perfectly with decrypter version Strangely enough, discs 4, 5, & 6 playback chapter order was not the same as the original discs. I redid them, while making sure that I had not inadvertantly checked the rearrange titles box, and the results were the same. I tryed with and the results again were the same. I went on trying these decryptions on two other computers with both, before mentioned, versions of the software with no success. I also tested at least one of discs 1 through 3 with these other conditions to confirm that results were consistant and it turns out that they were. Discs 1-3 decrypt fine in all cases and 4-6 do not.

I should also mention that I tested the results using power DVD on the computers. And three different standalone DVD players. They all played back the same (out of order) except one of the standalones which instead would start instantaniously and then report the disc as being incompatible.

I am convinced that for some reason the software (DVDFab) is not analysing (or something to that affect) these discs properly.

My question is this: Is there someplace that someone can report these results directly to DVDfab developers or somewhere that they may see them as they may want to analyse this scenario in order to improve upon the functionality of the softare?

I have decrypted 100s of DVDs with DVDFab decrypter and I have never had a problem (at least that I have noticed) until this.

Looking forword to some responses.:cool:


Hi nepoton,

We will check it out asap.

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Hi nepoton,

I just done “Full Disc” using 24 Season 6 discs 4, play it with PowerDVD, and the order is correct.

Could you please tell us what copy mode you use and what’s the wrong order in detail? Thanks.

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