24-Pack Cartridge Combo for Epson R200/R300 Printers

I’m starting to wonder how many revisions to the tray there are? I got a refurbished epson 300 about 2 months ago. I compared it to pictures from someone that got thier tray replaced under warranty by epson, and mine matched the new style that he got (compared to his old one). Mine has the clear plastic edge though. I would have assumed that a new printer (even a refurbished one) that was recently bought would have the new tray?

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Sorry all this is way off topic :doh:

I think just the 2 styles but i could be wrong. Clear edge one and hard rubber edge one is all i’ve seen.

Well i guess they’re banking on people not searching on the internet for problems with Epson trays. I bought mine in Dec and got the tray with clear plastic lead edge.

You would think that they would try to contact ALL registered printer customers and give them the option to get a revised one. They did me on the ink cart law suite why not the tray. Maybe there needs to be a law suite on the tray 1st :slight_smile: If i get the new tray i guess i’ll have to bow out on that one.

Got the new tray yesterday 4-28-06