24-Pack Cartridge Combo for Epson R200/R300 Printers

24-Pack Ridisc Cartridge Combo Replaces Epson Stylus Photo R200/R300/RX500/RX600 Printers Inkjet Cartridge: Four of Each T048120~T048620

Link: http://store.yahoo.com/meritline/ridisc-dw048-epson-t048-24pack-ink-cartirdge-combo.html

At Checkout apply $25 off Exclusive Coupon Code : Deals2buy25off (Exp 04/22/2006)

$48.95 - $25.00 = $24.95. For me with S&H and tax (Only in CA) $33.24 which comes to around $1.30 per cartridge.

For those not familar, the Epson R200/R300 series printers can print directly on a DVD. I have used this brand before with very good results.


Thats a good deal. last time I ordered a 24 pack it cost me $44.00 from ABC Ink But that was shipped but these only cost me 35.00 shipped. On another topic about refilling these
catridges, Could somebody tell me how or send me a link on how to refill these. I refill my
Lexmark cartridges all the time but I have never filled these before. It almost looks like I might have to drill a small hole in the cartridge but if somebody knows a better way I would love to know. I have a ton of these catridges laying around and the last time I ordered from ABC Ink I recieved a catridge reset tool and a bottle of cleaning solution with my order so I should be all set.
Thanks, Budzos

EBay has all sorts of refill kits available for these printers.

But at the price these cartridges cost compared to the Lexmark cartridges, I am not sure it is worth the trouble.


great deal, I use cheap ink cartdridge and trade in empty ink cartdridge to staples for $3 coupon. No loss for me

If you use this as your main printer, I would defanatlly sugest getting cartriges designed for refilling. I know that it doesn’t help you use up your current empties (if they have been sitting dry you don’t want to use them anyway), but refilling is always cheaper and if you want to go that route, the empty cartriges designed for refilling are the best way to go. I have been using them for years with my canon (non chipped canons). As I understand it, the ones for epsons are about 8-9$ and have a custom chip that does not need to be reset or something like that (the canon ones I use are about 4-5$ but thats because not chip).
Also, I wouldn’t recomend getting just any cheap refill kit you find. They can really mess up your printer and or print/color quality can be crap and or fade resistance can be crap. Unfortunatlly I am only farmiliar with the best refill inks for canons (I can refill a canon cart for 1$ or less including cost of empty cartriges (not chiped, chiped are a few $ more), with ink that is proven to be as good or nearlly as good as canon ink and a near perfect color match. A good place to search/ask about refill ink is the printers forums on dpreview.

ripit, ink for epson printers is so cheap, no need to get your hand dirty. And you can redeem empty ink cartdridge for blank media at Staples. You pay less than $3 per cartdridge and get $3 back for recycling. And Most of Us dont print much so ink tank might dry up. And initial cost for the tank alone is almost $80, I dont even know the life of my epson printer, how long will it last?

By the way for Epson owner, there is a class action law suit going on, and R200 and R300 are on the list, you can get back $25 from epson, google around and you will find how to get $25 back from epson or $45 epson credit.

Thanks for all the info, somebody told me that Staples would not take theses cartridges
for coupons but I will try. I usually try to refill my cartridges before they run out completely especially with the print head being part of the lexmark cartridges otherwise
once ink dries in the printhead you might as well throw the cartridge out.

I’ve been redeeming generic epson R200 ink cartdridges and they never check. I bagged them up neatly. Printing powerpoint lecture notes wasted a lot more ink than printing disc images. So I am averaging 6 cartdridges per month.

@ghetocowboy, you make some good points. Decent compatible can be gotten for the canon printers I use for about 3$ ea, and refill ink is about 1$ (including empty carts in the long run). I first got serious about home printing when I was more hevilly into photography (rank amature home stuff). If you print much in the way of photos, you know that it drinks ink so fast, the diffrence between 1$ and 3$ for a cart matters a lot. For the average home user (probably most here), compatibles are plenty cheap and easier to use. Abacus are very good carts for both canons and epsons and a set of 6 is only about 16$ plus shipping (for the epson 300 if you use the private back door site). shipping is resonable, here is the backdoor site.
its not any big secret and doesn’t require any special passwords or anything. I’m just guessing that it is for informed people (not casual web surfers genericlly looking for ink), or maybe it is for good customers, the linked got leeked all over the web, they don’t care, buisness is buisness and sales are sales.
Even though I am not really into photography anymore (no time with a new baby), its nice when family visits (cause of the new baby), to be able to print off a few hundred 4x6 pics of the baby, high quality pics (often beter than the local crap photo labs like walmart or the drug stores do), and the cost is negligable. For me, a heavy seroious printer user, it matters, but for the average person here, it doesn’t (just make sure you get good compatibles as it does matter).
@budzos, last I knew, officially, staples only takes ink carts that have the printhead in the cartrige etc. They specifically say they do not take individual ink cartriges like canons and many epsons use. Still, even though that is policy (last I knew), many stores will take any ink cartriged. I suspect part of it is that the average low pay staples cashier doesent know the diffrence. The average overworked, underpaid staples lower manager has beter things to do than give a shit (unless you piss them off), and franklly, higher managers probably are tired of arguing with customers over policy all the time (they have beter things to do than quibble over a couple of dollars several times a day). Staples recently changed thier policy on how the coupons can be used (which would have put an end to buying media with a price match and the coupon), but franklly, most stores dont follow the rules at all, so its worth a try.

not too long if you are using non epson ink :slight_smile:
i moved from epson to canon because i was soo tired of all the ink waste for cleaning the printhead. now if i run cheap ink and plug the printhead i just buy a new one. i guess 2 dead epsons mean that i have $90 in credit for my dad’s r200. :rolleyes:

Thats the importance of using good ink (not just any generic aftermarket crap you can find). There are only good inks in some circumstances. There is no ink in exsistance that will work well with all printers. If the ink is not specially formulated for your printer (in many cases, several printers use the same oem ink so the same aftermarket ink can fit those printers), it will not work right, period!!! Of course I guess some printers are disposable (paid 50$ for a refurbished epson 300, less than the included ink cartriges cost).
If you run pre chipped canons I know the best refill ink you can get (ok weink is as good but it hasent been proven and thier customer service has sucked in the past). It’s inkjet goodies/media street/(who knows, they got sold again but the formulation is proven good, at least it was). Some of the older canons were just as bad with ink waste, but they have gotten much beter and actually have less clogging problems.
Other than that, do your homework and find good ink. It’s worth the trouble and lack of headaches. The previouslly mentioned abacus ink should not clog your printer (I have heard many reports of thier canon and epson (dye based only) inks running good. I have not used them (plan on getting some for my r300), but there are plenty of good reports on them. I cannot promise the performance of them (I have only seen refill inks tested to that extent), but they seem to make people happy. I am sure that there are also other good inks, just chek them out first, and use ink that is designed for your printer. If it is not designed for your printer, it most liklly will not work right, the color will be crap, and it has a high chance of clogging. Many of these generic inks use pigment with the black at least, and using pigment black with a dye black printer is a guarenteed print head clog.

Thanks for the tip on the class action lawsuit. I just registered my printer and now I’m
just waiting for the $45.00 E-store credit. I don’t know why I never heard about this before but I am going to apply my credit to a R200 so my wife and I can use the same cartridges and toss my Lexmark.

@Budzos, if you want to buy the R200 right now, you are also entitled to another E-$45 gift card since the class action law suit stated that for purchasing an epson printer from 1999 to may 2006, and use the E-$$$ for cartdridge purchase or use it on another printer.

Cool, should work out pretty good then, I"ll have plenty of cartridges and printers for

Any chance this is why Fry’s is advertising (trying to move) refurbed R320’s for like 99. minus a 45. rebate?? (I don’t have the ad in front of me!) I’m interested in a CIS for the r320, but now i’m scratching my head wondering if this might not be a good idea???

Thanks for the deal. This is for Dallas Texas area.

Subtotal:	  	48.95	 
Coupon offer (25.00 savings):	  	-25.00	 
Subtotal:	  	23.95	 
Shipping:	  	9.52	 
Tax:	  	0.00	 
Total:	  	33.47

I called this place yesterday and they said you won’t get your credit till after 8-15-2006. In other words you won’t get it till it’s finally settled > http://www.epsonsettlement.com/index.htm

Also with all the bad CD/DVD trays going bad even though mine has not after 500+ discs i called Epson support and they are sending me the new improved tray so now i will have a spare just in case.

Hey rolling56…

What is the deal with the tray that you are getting a replacement for from Epson. What are the specifics that I should be looking for? Would it be a good idea to call Epson and get a new one before the old one blows chunks? I have an R300 that is about a year old.

Unfortunately you are right on the settlement date, knowing my luck the R200 won’t be available after the credit comes thru.

I was having some problems with the tray not feeding through my R200. I looked on ebay for a replacement and found this. It is the newly designed tray from Epson that doesn’t have the clear plastic lip on the tip. My printer was no longer under warranty, so I didn’t bother to contact Epson. The new tray works so much better.