Hello, my plex. is 24/10/40A and TLA# 0100. My question is what's the optimale settings for my plex? Firmware and so on.
Is there any thing to do with the fysichal ?
I sometimes have problems burning playstationgames. I have tried clone cd , clony xxl, nero and cdmate. But there are so many different settings so i get lost .Is there a anyone that have tried out the different firmware ?
I'm greatful for all healp.Sorry about my english, i'm a norwegian.
Thanks, Stig :confused:



I’m using 1.02 firmware for my plex , and I use Clone CD to make a copy of PlayStation games.For settings use Clony XL. I’m using window$ XP - and Plextor Techn. Support do not recomande (for now) to make an upgrade to 1.03 ( under XP ) Why ? I dont know. Thats the message they send me.


If I have firmware 1.03 for the 24/10/40A and 1.02 is suppose to work better with windows xp. How to I downgrade the firmware, is that possible? and is it safe?


yes maxspeed , that 's a good question ,

i asked it before on this forum , but no one answered the question , so guy 's , please tell me :

is it possible to go back from firmware 1.03 to firmware 1.02 ??



Yes it can be possible without problems or damage to your plex drive (if you aren’t sure…don’t do it)
i have changed it from 1.03 to 1.02 a few times and no problem.Now i will leave 1.03 because i found no changes and reads better some kindof cds…

Good luck!