24/10/40A Pauses during burning

When ever i am trying to burn an audio cd either from wav files alreayd on my hard drive, or from an actual cd, the screen will freeze like every other minute or so, hendering me from doing whatever it is i’m doing at the time. is this because of the buffer underrun technology?? or is it something else. any help will greatly be appreciated.

I had the same problem when I installed my USB modem… It has nothing to do with the buffer underrun technique your burner has because this shouldn’t freeze the screen. Please give us some more info on your system:

-Software in use
-USB devices
-Other hardware

It’s very hard to say what’s going on when you don’t give more info…

well my os is win2k. writer is of course the plextor 24/10/40a, i also have a smart and friendly 8x32 i think…but i use it as a reader…it’s a scsi…at first i thought that was the problem, but the thing is that it does the same thing even when i burn from hard drive…hard drive that is also on the same cable with the smart and friendly one…hmm let’s see i have a pIII 450…a western digital hd 8gig…intellimouse usb mouse…a hp scanner hooked up to it…umm…abit be6 mobby…i don’t think the graphics card has anything to do with it, nor the sound card…but if it helps…i got a matrox g400 vid card, and a sb live snd crd…i think that’s about it…if u need any other info, let me know…thanks again for the help…

You are not the first I know posting about such a problem …
I thought it would be the DMA mode, so the chipset driver isn´t installed …
But I guess you are using a BX chipset, isn´t it ?
and that one should run without any drivers in the DMA mode :wink:
Could you post more info about your mobo ?
Type, brand … ?

thx :slight_smile:

my mobo is ABIT BE6…and i don’t know if this is what ur talking about, but i enabled the DMA to be on for the burner