24/10/40a and XP

I just upgraded to XP Pro from W2K. Plextor worked perfectly under W2K but under XP, when I put a cd/rw disk in the drive, the light just alternates on and off and XP, nor any other program under XP, will see the disk.

What am I mssing here?

Disable the Windows XP IMAPI write engine. Read here how to do that. Is your CD-RW disc formatted? Which program did you use? You might need to install the software under XP to be able to read the disc again.

I did a fresh install of XP. My burner works fine for CD-R, just not CD-RW. I am going to try what u said and let you know how it works out!

Thanks for the quick reply!;]

Well, it still does not recogniz cd-rw media. I tried Nero and EZ Cd creator and it just keeps saying drive busy nad the access light flashes green… sigh

Has to be software related since it worked flawlessy under Win2K.

update firmware to 1.04

That did the trick!

Thanks! ;]