$230 for parts and labour on a cd tray?



Hey everybody, nice site!
I’ve been feeding off the extensive articles for a few months but didn’t have the chance to ask a question until now, so here goes…

My sister has had a karaoke machine shudder for about 2 years, and it had worked perfectly up until a week ago. Out of the blue, after the tray was opened, it would not close past 1/2 way. I brought it to a local repair shop, and after repairs wanted to charge me $20 for parts and $210 for labour after it was fixed, so I walked out of the store. Working in an electronics retail store myself, I understand that the mechanisms operating the tray are quite straight-forward.

They claimed that the price was because of a broken timing mechanism. I have not heard of this part before, but assuming how simple the insides of a CD player are, it suprises me that it would take a certified repairman over 3 hours to fix this.

Because of the amazingly detailed papers on this site explaining how CDs and such work, I assume that someone might have the knowledge to tell me whether I am being jerked around or not.

Please give any input you have on this issue, including any info/links that could teach me more on the workings of the this infernal “timing mechanism”. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as if I can get the price of labour down to a lower price, I would be saving a LOT of money. :slight_smile:

(All prices are in Canadian dollars, BTW, eh)

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I do not know what the cost should be, or if $230 Canadian (approx $150 American) is a fair price for your repair, but I can think of 2 reasons whyit may seem like a rip off and not be a rip off.

  1. Although it may be a simple repair/replace unit, getting to it may involve taking apart most of the surroundings and enclosures.

  2. There are standard hours/wages according to a repair char and this is what is charged even if it takes them 45min to repair the darn thing.

Go to other repair shops to get price comparison going, if you continuously get the same rate/charge, you may bestuck having to pay it.

Also, wait off a bit and see what some others may have to post here as possible refernce links to on line schematics and design on this device.
Can you provide a model name and model ID#???

Best of Luck