22x LG22N now at Newegg!

I’m going to try to wait for this with free shipping!:flower:

:bigsmile: I remember a thread i started a few years ago…will 16x be the speed limit for DVD burners…

I’ll wait for more scans but i’m not a speed demon like i used to be.

I recall the silly PR that the drive people pushed saying that 16x was “the limit” of DVD because the discs would shatter at faster than 16x! LOL I knew that was just sales BS then.

I can’t say that I’d buy this drive to burn at 22x because it doesn’t support many MIDs at 22x, but I like my Panasonic based LG drives at 16x and 18x. If it can burn at 22x, it might be really good at these speeds, especially with jitter.

I saw it last nite, unless there is a big improvement in burn quality with new FW, no thanks!

You’re Never Alone When You Are A Schizophrenic


I have seen your posts before but never read the above…the wife and I had a good laugh:bigsmile:

Ian Hunter rules…

Free shipping @ newegg right now as I type if you want one - likely not to last long, so hurry.