228th comic - Garfield's birthday is coming soon... [Part 1]

Heya everybody,

so our cat has a birthday coming up soon… very soon. Well, some of you might know that Garfield’s birthday is on the 19th of June. And this year our cat turns 27. I think that’s a good reason for a little comic series… we really have to give credit to our fat lazy cat :iagree: …and this is one way we could do that. :wink:

…here is what you want:

…you sure have read this Part 1 stuff, right? So more parts will show up…



LMAO!!! Good One Alex! :iagree:

Nice one. Can’t wait for the rest of it.

exact :iagree:


Lol :slight_smile:

Nobody ever said he was graceful… :wink: