225th comic - ...what's going on inside of Garfield's head?

Heya everybody,

a new week has started and I got a new comic for everybody. Today we wanna find out what Garfield is thinking. Jon has a very dangerous idea, now. He wants to know what’s going on inside of Garfields head… and Jon would give everything… uhhhh ohh… stay tuned for this comic…!!
:iagree: :wink:

Here we go:

Ouch - that answer sure had to hurt :wink:

…to be continued…



I think I can safly say that the only things going on inside his head are,
Food, Where can I get food, How can I annoy people/ dogs/ neighbours and food.

LOL!!! :iagree:

500 pounds OMG… :eek: :bow: :bigsmile:

That’s not much of a surprise. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :bigsmile:

Betcha he tries to eat it all at once!