224 CD Wallet for $3 or 320 CD Wallet for $5 and Many More

Amazon has Velocity CD cases for fairly good prices after rebate.
Purchase over $25 before rebates to receive free shipping.

Velocity Nylon 600D CD Wallet, 96 capacity, Black
$9.99 - $7 Rebate = $2.99

Velocity Nylon 600D CD Wallet, 128 capacity, Black
$11.99 - $8 Rebate = $3.99

Velocity Nylon 600D CD Wallet, 224 capacity, Black
$11.99 - $9 Rebate = $2.99

Velocity Nylon 600D CD Wallet (320 capacity, Black)
$14.99 - $10 Rebate = $4.99

Velocity DVD-R 8X 4.7 GB Discs (10-spindle)

Velocity Clear Slim Jewel Cases (25-Pak)
$3.99 - $4 Rebate = Free

Velocity DVD+RW 2.4X 4.7 GB Discs (25-spindle)
$10.99 - $7 Rebate = $3.99

Velocity CDR 52X 80 Minute/700 MB Compact Discs (25-spindle)
$5.99 - $5 Rebate = $0.99

Amazon raised their prices by $10 across the board for these folders. :doh:

MAn, wish this was in Uk!

They raised it (obviously) because of the sudden increase in orders. Once the high ordering dies down, they might lower the price again. They did the same thing when they had the Verbatim 8x DVD+R 100 pk spindle for $29.99: when everyone ordered them, they went up $25 the next day I think. :eek:

I put my order in before the increase, figuring that with free shipping it was a very good price even if the rebate doesn’t come through. I’ll let you know.

ill wait til the price drops on those 320

Damn, I am need of a huge storage folder. :frowning:

Not to thread jack, but try ebay. I purchased a this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4749242903&category=52473&rd=1

I only purchased one, but it is good quality, and as soon as I fill the one I have, I"ll order aquire another

Item location: San Diego, California
United States

Ships to: United States, Canada
Shipping costs: US $18.95 - Other (see description) (within United States)

Nearly US$30 for a 320-disk case. This 630-disc aluminum case costs under US$25 including shipping.

Yet another example of how most people on ebay are stupid. They say that they can get something for dirt cheap on ebay, but never factor in shipping costs. $19 shipping for a 320 disc case folder? WTF? is it lined with lead or something?

Yeah… a lot of people get raped on shipping charges on eBay…

I just got the wallets from Amazon (with free shipping) and they seem rather strong. Good value at the original lower price. Now, if I get my rebates all will be great. BTW, the pages can’t be re-arranged.