220th comic - Mrs. Feeny's BIG revenge... Big revenge coming from the roof ;-)



Heya everybody,

I announced a cool comic for today so here we go: You might still remember the big nasty… silly dog? Well here we go again and I just can say stay tuned for more great fun… yeah I even heard that some of you love this dog very much! (me too) :wink:

…to be continued…


:iagree: :wink:

PS: I hope that dog made your day? :slight_smile:


LOL!!! The dog is back! :iagree:


HAHAHAHAHAHA, gimme, gimme, gimme moooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrreeeee!!!

PS: I hope that dog made your day?

indeed :iagree::iagree:


Rooooffff Dooooogggg LLOOOOOLLLLLLL… :bow: :smiley: :bigsmile:


LOL :bigsmile:

Where that big nasty silly dog goes, hilarity ensues. :iagree:


That dog rulezzzzzz.


Me like this dog. :bigsmile: