I just bought the 2166D, and I cant get the thing to record in anything but nero. It doesn’t seem to want to read any of my media (dvds mostly), and I’ve tried several different name brands and speeds. The drive doesn’t show the right kind of disc loaded under explorer, and it doesn’t allow me to access even a cd for file burning via windows. I really need to use it with Direct CD, but it won’t correctly read a dvd much less allow me to format it. Do I need to take this thing back to Best Buy? It is running the latest firmware.

Several things here :

  1. Windows XP has a bug which causes explorer to sometimes display DVD discs as CDs.

  2. Various people have reported the fact that Nero and Roxio software do not agree and often cause strange problems when installed on the same system. This could be the cause of most of your problems. I’d advise uninstalling any Roxio software on that system. Then see if the system reads DVD discs properly.

  3. If it does, try installing Nero InCD, which is Nero’s equivalent of Direct CD and give that a go. Do NOT try installing InCD without removing Direct CD.

  4. Make sure “IMAPI CD Burning COM Service is disabled”. (Start->Run, type “services.msc” without the quotes and hit enter).

Well, the problem with that is InCD works exclusively with re-writable media, right? I’m trying to back data up to DVD±R’s. Do I have any other options?

You are correct about InCD only working with re-writable media. However, everything I have been able to find out indicates that Direct CD only works with CD-Rs/RWs. It does not work with DVD discs at all. So you might as well uninstall it.

XP’s built in burning function also only works with CDs, not DVDs so that is of no use to you either.

I am not sure if there is any product out there that lets you drag and drop to DVD+R/-R discs. I am not really sure of the benefit of doing that, since it is essentially the same thing as burning using multi-sessions.

In your position, I would get hold of DVD-RAM discs (which your drive supports) and which were specifically designed for drag and drop type use. I’d use it till the disc is full and then just use Nero to copy the whole disc over to a DVD+R or DVD-R disc.