2164d external dvd writer


I have bought a external dvd writer(USB only) , GSA 2164d in Korea.

It’s spec is 16x wite and 16x read and so on.

But it does not work properly in my env.

My system is :

intel 2.4c cpu and asus p4p800 deluxe mainboard , 2gb memories and so on…
And OS is windows 2003 server.

my 2164d always manage to speed up to 14x only.
Read and write are same.

Some member in korean forum always experiences 16x with that device.

So I don’t know what my problem is.

Please help.

yo, have you even tried to read a bit about external drives with USB 2? USB transfer rate doesn’t satisfy the requirement of 16x

Theoretical: USB2 is over 2x faster than a 16x DVD :bigsmile:

But the most bridgechips for ide to usb2 are fast enough for 16x. So selct max. 12x when writing

DVD drive manufacturers are not that dumb to choose an interface that cannot meet the device’s max speed.


Tried on another PC?

Pay attention to the way you connect the drive to the PC.
USB “shares” the 480 Mbits with all devices connected to the same USB port, and if you have a slower device (like a mouse or keyboard that are USB 1.1 type) you get your drive running a lower speed also. As you have even if only USB 2.o devices exist but are concurrent to use the available band (the 480 Mbits), making this just a maximum theoritical value.
Also, the I/O stream it is not a constant one, only the buffer gives you the ilusion.
This is the reason why firewire 400 it is faster most of the times, even if the nominal speed is lower.
And (but the same apply to firewire) it can bue influenced by the used chipset and installed drivers.
So manufacturers may not be stupid, but marketing sometimes doesn’t tell you everything.
Strange LG came with the 26xx series with USB only. Hope the will the external for the 5xxx series and keep both connections, as for the 5163.

The industrywide trend is to cut cost. Adding 1394 interface alone increases cost a little in a market profitability is very close to zero. If they were choose between USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394, the obvious de facto standard is nearly always USB 2.0 as it’s difficult to find a notebook or desktop or workstation or server PC without USB these days.

I´m not sure.

Saw some Cdfreaks-reviews of external 16x-writer and read “Only 14,x-speed possible due the bridgechip-limitation”


But then Memorex isn’t a DVD drive manufacturer.

So choose one here :wink: :



In fact, LG has use (in the past?) good external solutions with good transfer-rates. But not all manufacturers do it.