212D flash failed

I tried flashing my Pioneer 212D with multi-region firmware. I came up as failed.
Now my pc won’t boot!
I’ve took it out and replaced with a Samsung, but can the Pioneer be saved somehow?

@ joffy,

Exactly what “multi-region firmware” did you use and detail exactly what flashing procedure you used.


I used Pioneer DVR-212D 1.22, RPC-2 and I done it in windows.

[QUOTE=joffy;1936166]I used Pioneer DVR-212D 1.22, [B]RPC-2[/B] and I done it in windows.[/QUOTE]

And what should RPC2 have to do with RPC1??? :doh:

I’ve just managed to flash it back to official firmware, so all is well.

@ joffy,

If you desire RPC-1 Region Free DVR-212D Firmware which could be referred to as “multi-region firmware” suggest looking at The Dangerous Brothers Firmware ->


Pioneer DVR-212D 1.22 RPC-2 Firmware is not RPC-1 Region Free (multi-region firmware) Firmware.

RPC-1 = Region Free (multi-region)
PPC-2 = Region Restricted