212 and bitsetting

Hi guys!

I wondered if there is any way to make bitsetting work for the 212?

Thanks in advance!

Not that I am aware of… perhaps when/if you can crossflash it to the Buffalo firmware. It auto-booktypes +R DL media.

[B]Auto-bisetting[/B], as discussed many times. :wink:


yeah auto-bitsetting for +R DL and that’s all.

The OP didnt mention any Mediatype.

YOu’re right. I forgot to mention it.

I prefer DVD+R/DL/RW.

I know it’s a dumb question, since i haven’t used DVD-R media so far:

Are there any differences between burned DVD+R and DVD-R media?

Not really.

Only DVD+R / DL / +RW media can b booktyped, with Pioneer burners DVD+RW booktyping is not possible (I’m happy about that).

why are you happy about that? :confused:

Yes because bitsetting RW media can give problems when trying to erase them.