212, 215, or 217?



Hey everyone

Any suggestion as to which Pioneer SATA drive would be best for CD Ripping?

I’m about to encode a whole bunch of my old CD’s and I want to get them as correct as possible.

I just bought a 219 and it’s super loud playing cd’s.

I ordered a used 212 to try out. … but reading through here, it seem that might not not be the best.
Should I try and find a 215 or a 217?



I find the 219 to be the best DVD burner I have ever owned, especially for DL disc. I dont find it loud at all.


I would stay with the true Pioneer drives.
Grab a 212, 215, 216 or 217 and patch it with MCSE for what you like.


Just got a new 217 off eBay and it plays quiet as a baby…!
Didn’t bother hooking up the 212 since I am assuming the 217 is better?