20x SATA DL burner

I need to backup my extensive DVD collection, and I need a good quality DL burner. Best quality DL media will be used (Verbatim-MKM). Will be using one of my other drives for scanning, so quality of scanning should not be taken into consideration.

Which one would you go for:

Pioneer’s DVR-212BK

Lite-On’s LH-20A1 (L or S)

LG’s GSA-H62 (N or LI)

Samsung’s SH-203B

Thanks for any replies.

Hi :slight_smile:
The Samsung is a an unknown quantity to me as far as DL is concerned.
However out of the three remaining drives, the Pioneer is proably the best DL burner. Followed by the LG & lastly the Lite-On.

pioneer and LG are not 20x

You’re right, I stand corrected. :bow: I guess I should’ve stuck with the “SATA DL burners” title. Nevertheless, I hope you voted in the poll, inaccuracies notwithstanding…

Also, I see the Pioneer is 10 Euros more than the LG.

What @nekrosoft has said is true. Only the Lite-On and Samsung you have mentioned above are 20X SATA burners. Also the Samsung SH-203B is the first burner capable of 16X DVD+/-DL writing. But I m not suggesting in anyway that the burn quality is good or otherwise;) . The Lite-On and LG also have the Lightscribe feature if you are interested. Pioneers are quality burners in general.

I go with the LG GSA-H62L because it is lightscribe capable and is based on a Renesas chipset. I voted for the Lite-On by mistake.

i voted for sammy

I found some amateur reviews of the Pioneer on Newegg. Folks don’t seem exactly thrilled w/it…

Hi :slight_smile:
OK I ignored the 20x bit as the emphasis as I saw it was DL writing.
In this the Pioneer is the gem.
The negative reports @ newegg was referring to Sl discs & probably using the original f/w.
The Samsung promises lots but if the 182/183s’ are anything to go on then for DL the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Nice thread. I am thinking of a good SL burner in this list as all my computers are SATA.

Any suggestions for a great SATA SL burner?

The newish ones by Samsung. :wink:

I take it this would be the case for SL burners, right? The Pioneer (which I just ordered) rules for DL burns, is that so? :smiley:

(Hey etp, you hijacking my thread dude! :wink: )

Pioneers 111 and 112 are excellent DL burners, and I believe the 20x ones from Samsung come really close now. You will see. :smiley: