20x DVD-ROM read speeds coming up - ALi starts shipping chips

I just posted the article 20x DVD-ROM read speeds coming up - ALi starts shipping chips.

ALI has announced it will start shipping a 20x DVD-ROM chip, named the M5721. Currently most DVD-ROM players read at 16 speed and ALi is the first company to increase the read speed. Besides the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4880-20x-DVD-ROM--read-speeds-coming-up---ALi-starts-shipping-chips.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4880-20x-DVD-ROM--read-speeds-coming-up---ALi-starts-shipping-chips.html)

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Whats the benefit of it? I’m sorry but i don’t get it. 20x only means it is theoraticaly able to copy Data-DVD. All other disc types will have lower transferates. And these Data-DVD are almost not available. Because most games, software, etc. are produced on CD. So this is IMHO another commercial stunt to sell more!

20x speeds will help anybody that owns a DVD burner like myself. Not only will it improve the read speed of the backups of my hdd that I put on DVD, but it will also make ripping DVD movies go that much quicker.

I was beginning to wonder why they had been sitting there at 16x for as long as they had. I don’t think that I will be upgrading to al least 32x, that will be twice as fast as what I have now (LiteON 16x)

I’m sure you probably be able to flash the lite on 16 with a lite on 20x drive when they put them out. Seems to work for the burners, so hey, why not the dvd drives? =)

doubt it, different chipset and dvd-rom laser…

20X :frowning: I wait it for a whole year :frowning:

hmm, now my Pioneer 16x DVD is finally outdated. it was king of the hill for a year… :9

DVD-ROMs are going really cheap now. I bought a non-name brand 12x for €35 while in the US. I got the actual name of it (STAR2000), downloaded firmware for it to overclock it to 16x and make it region free. :wink: The easiest way for manufacturers to double the DVD-ROM speed is to use dual laser pickup. I seen dual laser 72x CD-ROM drives a while back priced just a little more than 40x CD-ROM drives!

A 20x DVD-ROM is about as useful as a 56x CD-RW.

seanbyrne. I have the same drive, Star2000 and would like to make it region free. Do you have a link to where you got the firmware. Would be greatly appreciated.