20x dilemma

i m planning to buy a dvd writer and have narrowed down to either benq or liteon. i would like to know
what is the difference between :

except that P=pata and S=sata.
is there any other difference???

is it better to go in for a sata model than pata as my motherboard supports sata??

in india pioneer and NEC are unavailable in my region.
m looking for a drive to backup dvds on a regular basis.

comments are welcome.

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Curently if you buy a BenQ or a Lite-On does not make a difference and thats coz Lite-On has taken over BenQ’s optical storage division. So Lite-On manufactures the BenQ drives as well. Moreover the BenQ drives are not available in India either. The last BenQ drive available was 3 months back and since then BenQ drives are not available in India. Lite-Ons are freely available.
There is no difference between these drives other than what you have mentioned. It is best for you to buy a SATA writer.

thanks for a prompt reply! i’ll try to get my hands on the sata drive in nehru place after my exams…

y do they have 2 names
for the same drive???

Well thats because Lite-On and Philips have a joint venture that came into effect from 1st May 2007 i.e. Philips-Lite-On Digital Solutions(PLDS). After this venture started they renamed these drives beginning with DH-20A3. But this nomenclature sucks big time. I mean it just does not sound good at all.

PS: do get back to me with the price at which you wouid have bought your new burner.

In Mumbai LH-20A1P cost Rs.1700 and the Lightscribe model LH-20A1H for Rs.2200. The SATA model is not available. And I think the DH drives have not arrived in India as yet.

will return to u with the prices for sure… m not looking for lightscribe as no media is available here… :frowning:

want to go for a sata drive… if unavailable in mumbai, i don’t think it will be here in ghaziabad/delhi as well… might have to wait…

lets my exam finish on 28th!

and thanks for the detailed info…

wat r advantages of SATA writer??
i’ve heard…
as an optical drive can not utilize the available bandwidth offered by SATA!

i settled in for the SATA model @ Rs. 2100…
just to make sure i don’t have to scrap any of my existing drives!

Its good that u got a SATA writer. I haven’t found any other SATA writer here other than a Sony SATA writer.