20th Century Fox to release wide range of Blu-ray disc products

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July 29, 2005 06:02 AM US Eastern
Twentieth Century Fox to Support Blu-ray
Disc Format; Studio to Release Wide Range of New Products and Titles from Its
Vast Film and…

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Man I hope this thing fails real bad, we are not ready for this

Man My DVDDecrypter will have to pull double time on those babies.:wink:

me too greedy studios at it again

The only reason it would probably fail is because of Hollywood is putting all the protection on pressed disks and also the DVD players might get black listed so they wouldn’t be able to play anything. Also I have one question will these players will they be able to play home movies or TV shows that have been recorded in high definition. Because don’t we have a right to recorded shows from the TV.

How in the hell can they produce a high def version of the Simpsons? Like wow, Homer is jumping off the screen! This blows away any DVD versions. Thanks Fox! :* No, what we are seing here, at least with this, Family Guy and even Mary tyler Moore TV shows, is what the audio industry has enjoyed for years. The re-sale of the same content, placed on a newer medium. Pass the vaseline!

If you have read about these new Hi-Def formats I wouldn’t worry. They are going to be the biggest blunder that Hollywood and the rest of the media industry has ever seen on the $ level. Infact there are still millions using VHS who have just recently switched to DVD. To most Americans who don’t own HD TVs and allready have invested heavily into the dvd format are probably not going to change formats. The only thing the new formats might be good for is the Data storage industry but other than that Sony has desighned yet another 3peat Beata Max, minidisc, and Blue-ray. When did these companys become such AssClowns :+ that they think they can pull a Rabbit out there ass and say it doesn’t smell like shit. :S

Hmm… Their PR lists copy protection as an advantage. Its like buying a car with dorlocks nobody can open. This is gonna be so friggin hilarious! Some Joe Bloke buys a $500 worth of technological crap from a local best buy, and not later then next morning the blody box gets black listed. Just imaging conversation between the clerk and the customer( the former doesnt know sht about it either). Cant wait people start buying THIS. :B

I doubt they will be a blunder as you say. It’s called transition every media format has gone through it. Dvd didn’t start selling millions the first 2+ years it was in use but eventually american public liked it and moved to it. It’s going to be the same thing as usual. Yes the stuff will be overpriced and low in quanity when it first comes out but give it time it is going to be here for awhile. HDTV is becoming the norm now. I am seeing far less standard tv’s being sold at best buy and more and more people i know have hdtv’s. When hd-dvd’s/blu ray become standard you will be saying the same thing when the next format is in the making. “oh there are still millions of people just catching onto the hdtv bandwagon now we are going into uhdtv no one will ever buy this”.

You guys that say it going to be a blunder must not have an hdtv or seen hdtv. I want all the content I can get and believe me the only thing that I will be mad about is if I can’t get Hd-DVD to compliment my PS3’s Blue Ray.

For all in optimistic mood, here is how my post continues. A conversation between a clerk and a customer: Customer- I would like to return this player- dosent work. Salesman- Let me have a look… There is nothing wrong with it, it just needs a firmware update. C - A… what? Like to buy new bolts and nuts for it from Home Depot? S - (suppressing laughter)- No,sir, u just need to log on the manufacturers web site, download a newest driver, burn it on a CDRW, shove it in, press 2765986846#-87346! , then turn it off and itll be just fine. Dont worry, its free. C - can i order that driver from u, guys? S- no, it is not something physically substantional. But OK, this time we will flash it for you. C - And next time if it breaks? S- It doesnt break, it requires periodical updates- protection against hackers and other cyber criminals, so nobody could steal your movies. C- But my house is protected against all that with the latest alarm. Can i get a player without any protection, like u know, a VHS, u buy it once and it works for the next 30 years. S- (boiling) - no. C- (counting his refund money for disks as well) Thank you, could you just call me when you sort it all out and get these movies on tape? Curtains Applods. :B

ignorence is really hurting you in this topic. A. I believe all these new players will require network connection from the start so it will be included in the manual and on the box that it needs network connection b.stop whining C. If firmware updates are manditory I am sure they will make the processes user friendly since most americans (u know the one’s that voted for Bush) arn’t to keen on technology. But this is the mass audiance the publishers and manufactures want to appeal to since this makes up more then 50% of the U.S. Population. Also most manufactures don’t want the hassell of 2,000,000,000,000 phone calls a day just because there hd-dvd player is not functioning. I am sure once they find out that they are getting themselfs into a lot more trouble then they bargin for they will cut down or improve whatever proctection they are using. Remember this is all internet based so it can be changed at will without a problem.

Nothing is really hurting me, thanks for your concerns. I have 2 PCs and one laptop on the network already, and i shall assume you are suggesting i add a home theatre, a refrigirator, a washing machine and a crapper to the list, so they would happily report to Hollywood and third parties of what i watch, eat, wash, and… of course the last entry you hopefully will figure out without any help from your uneducated co-posters. Peace. FidelC :S

There are rumors telling Blu-ray is going to adopt SPDC unlike HD DVD and that this would be one of the main reasons Fox chose to go with Blu-ray…

I hope to God that both formats die a miserable death. All of these companies can go f***k themselves and their DRM!!! They can’t treat us as if we were all criminals!!! DVD Forever!!!

but swifty 7 we are not crimnals but mere masses of mindless idiots who give in because no one has the backbone to stand up and say NO the masses jst give em the $ and walk away and bitch about it like little people so in hindsight we deserve no less than what we get

It’s just meticulous planning and cohort the evian into passive subduction. I mean, lets say that a mechanic tells you there is ONLY one way to fix a car problem, but you know of another way. Applied, their technology is not the ONLY way to use these new blue-ray discs that they try to claim, but rather it is a subtle message of seducing thought processes into believing it is the way to do things - according to them. They have the big bux, they know what subversion is, and they will use all the resources possible to keep a clean image regardless of what is right or just. Every company with assets does this and will continue to define reality accordingly.:B