20th Century Fox to adopt the Blu-ray Disc format

I just posted the article 20th Century Fox to adopt the Blu-ray Disc format.

Besides Sony Pictures/Columbia
TriStar and MGM which Sony recently purchased Hollywood’s movie companies have so far sat on
the fence in the Blu-ray Disc vs. HD-DVD fight. Japan Today reports…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9164-20th-Century-Fox-to-adopt-the-Blu-ray-Disc-format.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9164-20th-Century-Fox-to-adopt-the-Blu-ray-Disc-format.html)

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Doesn’t look good for the HDDVD format. I still think we will get blu-ray/HD-DVD hybrid players eventually.

This is good isn’t it? From my understanding blu-ray discs hold more then hd-dvd’s? It’s all about space right? Why would we want an inferior product as a standard. I don’t see why movie makers would want to get behind discs that hold less (except to avoid paying out royalties to sony)

Yeah, right now it’s all about space. I dont mind if a Blu-ray movie will be one dollar more expensive or something like that. But since the blu-ray got the exact samde codecs as the HD-DVD, and even one that HD-DVD doesn’t have - a better one afaik - it’s about size and blu-ray is the better candidate. Blu-ray is also a new technology not developed around DVD like HD-DVD, therefore we can have quad layered Blu-rays with 200 GB of space. :slight_smile: edit - couldnt use the dollar sign, weird.
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Star Wars on Bluray only that would be a killer app if I ever heard of one.

Do we really NEED 200 GB on removable media for movies though?

200gb might be handy for TV shows. Imagine having a whole season of a TV show on 1 disc instead of 6.

Looks like another push to get the Blu-Ray format out :X While Blu-Ray discs and drives will initially cost a little more to make than with HD-DVDs, I’m sure pricing will quickly fall like with the launch of DVD. The higher capacity of Blu-Ray is my interest. It has a nicer name also. The only small drawback over HD-DVD is that it is cartridge based like DVD-RAM. However, at least it would mean no more scratched discs :stuck_out_tongue:

would it stay a cartridged format? My LG GSA-4040b dvd burner support dvd-ram and it doesn’t used cartridge discs. I have vague memories of early cdr drives that used cartridges as well. I’m sure once the technology catches on, they’ll be able to get around the cartridge problem.

Uhhg… Blue-Ray = sony = drm of some sort or another. Blue Rat DOES have a spec for a cartridge-less version, as to whether or not its adopted is another issue.

Don’t worry, you can be sure HD-DVD will have DRM of some sort as well. It’s one of the prerequisite for distributors to adopt it.

HD-DVD will take on Windows Media and we all know Windows Media = DRM :X DRM implementation is one thing for sure, however it will be likely be more sophisticated than even DVD-Audio. :r Then again, DRM protection should not be necessary for recording content to either optical disc format. :wink: