20H vs 20P

Can anyone tell me what the difference between the new 20h and the 20p burners are? Is it only lightscribe? Is their better QC w/ one vs the other? Is one just the rejects / “economy” version of the other?

I am interested in purchasing on of these bad boys as my px716 has just puked out on me (2nd one in 6months).

What is the “sweet spot” burning speed for these burners. I use only genuine TY T02 and T03’s and I am looking for the lowest jitter, PIE, PIF combination possible (ofcourse w/ PIF and jitter more important that PIE’s).
Am I better off burning t02 @4x (like my 716 liked best) or full 8x (or 6x which my px760 likes)? For T03 is 12x better than 16? or is 20x best?

Any help for a liteon noob greatly appreciated!

The 20A1H will not burn faster than 6x after using Lightscribe unless rebooting a computer.
It also uses the lower RPM for 12x and 8x burn. So, I flashed the stock firmware with the FB & EOS firmware.

My 20A1H will burn TYG02s and T02s @ 12x very well and the scan results are excellent.

You might want to check out the scan thread for more detailed results…

yes, but that’s no big problem. you can burn some discs and label them afterwards…

but not only the 20A1H, also the 18A1P, 18A1H and 20A1P.
that’s not a big problem, but the modified firmware helps if you really need the faster rpm.

if you need lightscribe, get a 20A1H. if not, get the 20A1P.