20GB PlayStation 3 will be upgradeable, says Sony



I just posted the article 20GB PlayStation 3 will be upgradeable, says Sony.

 This  complicates things a bit. We know there are two versions of the PlayStation 3  coming, the cheaper of the two has some shortcomings obviously when compared to  the top of the line model....
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11860-20GB-PlayStation-3-will-be-upgradeable-says-Sony.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11860-20GB-PlayStation-3-will-be-upgradeable-says-Sony.html)

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Just dont hold your breath waiting for it… Sony sucks with that delay on the ps3


my my my…those accessories will be super expensive & not standard usb class stuffs. even 2.5" drives must be from sony…which would be at least twice as expensive as other standard hdmi compatability won’t be offered…at least i don’t think so


It feels more and more like Xbox 360 has taken over. The fact that PS3 will be so late out on the scene is not good. Becaus of this they will have to come out with something that is 10 times better than Xbox360, if it’s not well. Sony could loose a lot of the market. It don’t matter if they have blu-ray and all other fancy stuff. Xbox360 is out there allready. Besides most things on PS3 that Xbox360 don’t have could be out there verry soon anyway. PS3 will have better graphics and so on but the question is, do gamers care that much about it ?


Well before I would ask: Has the PS3 really better graphics…? The games I saw so far (not the pre-rendered videos from E32005) were not too impressive…


:r Can’t upgrade to HDMI ? Just shoot yourself in the foot and get it over with ! Its freakin idiotic that its not just an HDMI cable that connects to the AV port. Then include it in the premium model, make it an upgrade accessory for the “lean” model.


Everything about the PS3 is going to be expencive, Xbox360 will win this battle easy if you just look at the price.


in this world of “must have” price dosn’t mean squat to a lot of people. I mean if you can afford a $300,000 home a $2,000 tv a $40,000 car what is an extra 100-200 bucks for a ps3 over a xbox 360? I totally believe ps3 will sell 2 million units in 12 months and that will kill hd-dvd and give it a good footing in trying to make up ground against the xbox360


Um and the xbox 360 accesories are cheap? $100 for a 20gig hard drive?? Cheap?


If the PS3 has such a “brilliant” laser for Blu-Ray as the PS2 has had for DVD then Blu-Ray will not win that much. Just remember how many lasers burnt out when watching simple DVD movies on the PS2. The price difference between the PS3 and X360 is not that big that anyone really would worry about it, especially not the hardcore gamers, but the quality of the machine will matter. To be honest another problem is the HDTV set, with normal TV’s none of these machinces offers anything more compared to current generation consoles.


I still think Xbox360 will win, sony has missed the train. Don’t matter what people think. PS3 is long gone.


I heard that game development is not as easy on the PS3 compared with the XBox360 due to the PS3 cell processor complexity, If games take longer to develop then that could be a minus point too.