20A4P vs 7200A both in 1394A Initio enclosure



I hope this is cool to do here but I just wanted to do a burn under the exact same circumstances and see wjich one would perform better and zI know that it takes more than one burn but well I’ll do more too. I was just going to it for myself but figured people might want to see the results too, even though I do expect the 7200 to whip the liteys ass. anyways both are hooked up with a 6 foot 1394a 1430L initio chipset with firmware 4.73 (Latest) and I think this firmware runs this chipset well with super compatibility. just for knowledge here is a list (BTW I can get 16x burn speed easy out of these and it would hit 18x if I had a better machine because I brought it over my dads house and hit 18x perfectly. actually like 18.7x before it couldn’t do any more. so 18x burn is ok and the 20x had a good scan but I just don’t like the way tghe burn looks on cd speeds graph) that I got directly from Initio technical support (when I was asking them what the latest firmware was) and it has some/most/or all of the exclosures that carry initio chipset Oh and btw here are some firmwares
The one for the 1430L on 2000 or xp is the xp16k.zip and for 98 me use 98meflsh16k.zip :slight_smile:


I have a correction actually my 20A4P is connected with a 10 foot 1394 and the other a 6 foot so I wonder if this extra 4 feet causes the little slowdows at the very end of the 20A4P burn it looks as if it hits 15.8-15.9x if I disable internet connection and antivirus it seems I can complete this without the slowdown at the end. I would shorten the cable but 6 foot wasn’t long enough in my circumstance and neither was daisychaining and actually I have another Initio 1430L rev. 4.73 daisychained to the 20A4P with a BenQ 1640 in it.


Here’s the 7200
I’ll go ahead and throw the BenQ in since it is enternal with exact same chipset also but it is BSLB Udma mode 2 and only gets 12x but this is because of the benq firmware and not the chipset


this time 20A4P with oht rest stock settings




Non sony branded T02’s 20A4P
oht enabled rest stock

I think oht makes the burn worse on quality media


7200 same (This burner just kicks ass) I don’t think I have ever had a crappy burn with this drive and when I get my 116 I am going to do the same thing 7200 vs 116. Someone said about the chipset being same almost except the end being a (B) I think (don’t qoute me on this) but the way I under stood it the chipset in the 116 is newer but again don’t qoute I am making an assumption that I hope is right.


a final 20A4P burn with default settings finally a decent one I prefer default smartburn settings


And one more comparison


7200 same compare with 20A4P burn before this one