20A1S First scan

Verbatim+R @ 8x

People this is a brand new drive, is this a good scan?

It is a very good scan. :iagree:

Given some time, the burns might get even better. Or burning at 12x may make it better, as well. I believe you have a good combination of media/drive there.

Tank you for the advice! :slight_smile:

Just did what you said and burned one at 12X, here is the result:

Yep, that one is very good! You’d be hard pressed to get any better quality than that.

That is a very nice scan!

:slight_smile: I have to give credit for this media, verbatim…it’s so good!!

I have some CMC MAG. AM3(datawrite) disc here will give them a spin to see the performance.

Again…Tank you!

Here it is:

hey how about this one above?

That’s A-OK. I’m guessing PIE/PIF at the beginning would be lower if scanned on a non-A1-series drive. Could also be the media of course, or the drive learning (in which case subsequent burns of this media wouldn’t show the same raise in errors at the start).

I get the same thing with various batches of CMC, but that’s, if I may quote, “A-OK”. I wouldn’t mind using that burn at all.

Tank you guys! :clap:

That’s what i thought too, CMC isn’t as good as MCC…but i bought this pack pretty cheap [14€(10$) 50 DVD’s].

I’ll be writting this dvd’s for games/movies & other stuff and the MCC(verbatim) for the critical stuff.

I must say again…i was very impressed by MCC :bow: Would like to test TY too… BTW does the Verbatim DVD-R (made in India) as good as the DVD+R?

BTW does the Verbatim DVD-R (made in India) as good as the DVD+R?

It might be even better, you should definitely try it.
I’ve had outstanding results with MCC 03RG20 media. Check out some of my burns at 18x (I don’t have the same burner as you though):
Burn 1
Burn 2
Burn 3
Burn 4

wow, very nice! Oh BTW my DVD+R discs are 16x to write them faster what do i have to do?

ps: just tested some RITEK media today…did not like the results

btw is it just me or RITEK stinks? :a

I found [B]RITEKF1[/B] to have a very decent quality and plus it’s cheaper than mcc. That’s why I switched from Verbatim’s MCC 03RG20 to Maxell’s RitekF1.
Have you tried those?

For burning above the rated speed use SmartBurn Utility.

these have always been my scans with ritekf1s. every disc i’ve made (more
than two spindles, 50pk) always have this ridge at the end of them:

it shouldn’t be like this, should it? i don’t have access to any other media at
the time, but i’m considering flashing it to the latest modded firmare. i have
the stock one still.

i’ve stopped using the discs (haven’t burned anything in months, hds are
getting filled) because i had problems reading some of them that i burned
a few months ago (all the discs i tried, about 4 of them, had crc errors
trying to read off of them).