20A1P unable to read dual layer

I just got the drive last week and it appeared to be working fine.

Tonight I tried to backup a movie and it was unable to read the disc. I spent a couple of hours troubleshooting resulting in the final setup:

  1. Set LiteOn drive on Primary channel set as Master with 80 wire cable
  2. Second (NEC) drive on Secondary channel (SATA hard drive)
  3. Flashed drive to KLOA

Note that I have been unable to get my Dell 4600 to recognize the LiteOn as DMA 4. No matter what I do it runs at DMA 2.

The LiteOn can read any single layer DVD. However it can not write to a DVD nor read any dual layer discs.

Any ideas how to proceed?


Then this is a no-go with your computer and the Liteon.

I had not considered the possibility of a compatibility issue with the Dell on general operation.

In any case, I installed the LiteOn on another computer (non-Dell) and while it registered as DMA 4, it is still unable to recognize dual layer discs. Upon further thought, the discs it read upon install may have been single layer movies.

So, unless anyone has any ideas, it looks like I got a lemon.

Insert the DL, fire up Imgburn-

What does it show you?

try flash drive to firmware "KLOM"
that fix my problem :slight_smile:

Strangly, any application (Windows Exp, Nero, etc) indicated there was “no disc” in the drive when a DL was inserted.

Thanks for the suggestions. I went ahead and RMA’d the drive for replacement. Hopefully the next one will not have the same issue.

Yeah, dual layer discs work fine on my 20A1P so your drive must have a problem.