20A1P disc spinning vibrations

Why is it that if I insert a disc I get lots of vibrations and the drive is noisy but if I eject the same disc and load it again it doesnt sound as loud any more. Other times its the opposite. I insert a disc and drive is quiet but if I eject and load the same disc the drive is loud.

Faulty drive or drive loose in case chassis or something?

My 20A1P is a little noisey but the 18A1P i had was really loud.

My old case i had it in didn’t help any either. My screw less Armour case suppresses sound very good. So it could be both for you.

Just a quirk of some of the 20x Liteys I think. My LH-20A1H does the same.

My new A1P [May '07] has the same accoustics no matter how many times I put in the same disc.

My A1H [March '07] that died varied between insert and how it decided to “pick the disc up”. [Sometimes it sounded stable, other times, not so much; sometimes, it sounded like it clamped down on the disc; others, there wasn’t much of a thud when it shut].

This with them screwed in and free in the drive cage in my computer.

I’ll try the drive removed from my PC case to see whether its the case or the drive.

[quote=SSJ4 Vegetto;1920843]I’ll try the drive removed from my PC case to see whether its the case or the drive.[/quote] The vibration is probably from the drive and is a frequently mentioned annoyance in many user reviews of the 20x Liteys. I have a 20A1L in a very solid CoolerMaster case and you can feel the floor vibrate on the other side of the room when it is running a 16x scan. This drive doesn’t seem to vibrate that bad at 16x every single time, but does it at least 50% of the time…

A 20A1S I just got doesn’t vibrate as bad scanning the same discs at 16x and it is also in a CoolerMaster case; so perhaps some models or batches of 20x Liteons vibrate worse than others.

How loud is the Pioneer DVR-112D compared to the noisy LiteOns?

Well I took my 20A1P out of the case and it seems in my case it was indeed the case (pardon the pun :p) causing the excess vibrations :slight_smile:

Now the drive sounds like a normal high speed DVD Writer. Going to have to do something to stop it vibrating in the case.

Yeah, my case amplifies the noise from my Liteys. Any other drive is fine.

Glad you figured out the “case”…haha.