20A1p already dead!

While doing a benchmark i realized i was using a older nero speed, i let the test run thru, closed it and upgraded to 4.7, i then tied to run the test again and i used the same dvd as the last test :eek: , now it wont detect media, it just tries you can hear the optics searching for about 20 seconds then i get 3 blinks 3 times.
Tried reloading KL05 and the backup of my eeprom, rebooted still wont detect a blank.
Another weird thing is ever since i installed this drive when inserting a blank the autoplay box comes up blank, i cannot check off it’s just a blank and do nothing!

well heres the scan i did before it died, Sony -R 16x

Fast elapsed time too!!

Heres all i see now…thinks it’s a CD-RW and in device manager says its a DVD-RAM drive, it wont read any disc’s either already burned or blank.

That’s normal. :slight_smile:

For the other stuff… I don’t know. What about 4.51 is quite outdated now… :bigsmile: killed it!!, i used the above already benchmarked disc, it said it was blank and it tried to do the benchmark and all it did was spin up half speed and make a click click sound.
the 3 blinks after it tries to read the disc must be a error code, what a POS!!
Back to my 1640 as i wont see a newegg replacement for prob 3 weeks.
It wont detect a dvd-r blank…

even affected the AutoPlay? sounds like the OS could be at fault too.
maybe a reboot,
a change of media,
a check of the IDE cable,
a ghost image restoration (if any was made),
a test of the burner in another machine may help?

or u wanna try nero dvdspeed v4.7.0.2?

your link is dead…The page does not exist
i got the 4.7 from the help from cdspeed2000.com

blame the CDfreaks site for the link, i didn’t embed any link to it, that was merely a name.

UGPM though.

alternative Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/12458858/Nero_CD_DVD_Speed_4.7.0.2.zip.html

Hi :slight_smile:
You can DL the latest CD/DVDSpeed from [B]here[/B]: :iagree: :bigsmile:
Or just click link in my sig. :cool:

Well i did burn a CD, DVD’s still just try to load with alot of drive noises then the light blinks 3 times.
So CD’s work DVD’s dont…boned again!
I know i saw somewere here in 'freaks people complaining about that problem , not with this drive but others, maybe some of you experts here can shed some light on the problem before i remove it and ship it back monday.

Setup a bootable DVD. First check you can boot it with your 1640, then try the 20A1P.

Well it’s been almost 2 weeks, Newegg has had my returned drive all week, i’m in stage 3 but i’m sure it hasnt shipped yet as iv’e not gotten a tracking e-mail yet.
I’ve should of just bought another and sent that back for a refund but i didnt feel like calling to get the 15% restocking fee removed…now i pay the price of waiting.