20A1P/20A1S not reliable 8x scanners?

Liteon’s newer drives do not do a very good job of scanning at 8x. I’ve scanned the same disc between my
three Liteon drives the 20A1P, 20A1S, and my trustee old 160P6S and the PIF on the two newer drives have
large blocks of PIF’s at the beginning of the disc where as the 160P6S shows a normal ever day scan. It also
makes no difference at what speed the disc was burned at, anything from 4x through 20x or what brand of
disc MCC through TY the results are the same on the drives at 8x scanning. If I scan at 4x then the results
are all pretty close between all three drives its just the 8x scans on the newer drives looks kind of bad at the
start of the disc. :Z I’m not so sure 8x scanning on the newer generation of drives 20A1 P/S or the 16x SATA
drives are very reliable.
Here is some comparison scans of a MCC 003RG20 disc burned at 8x and scanned on all three drives at 8x and 4x
as I said before it makes no difference in which kind of disc +R or -R or what kind MCC - TY the results are the same.
First scan is on 20A1P at 8x second is on 20A1S at 8x third is on 160P6S at 8x then the same drives but scanned at 4x.

LH-18A1P is more picky with faster scanning too.

I’ve found that 20A1P @4X is pickier than any of my BenQ’s @8X. I usually scan with my 20A1P @4X with both Nero Speed and Kprobe.

It’s a users decision.

Doesn’t really matter as long as the results are fairly consistent with the drive.

I guess you can just use the other liteon if it gives you peace of mind…

So is 4x a reliable speed? Can I stick with that and get the correct results? I hope so because thats the only way to get a good quality rate.

Well 4x IMO covers up many imperfections of the discs, seeing as most liteons are great readers and going at 4x is just going to make it easier to read the disc.

This is my method for testing using a liteon:

4x with jitter
16x PIE/PIF test without jitter
A DVDScan to see how the pits and lands look

Just 4x without jitter IMO is not giving you much of an insight to how well the disc is actually burnt. CDFreaks however, tend to think that 4x without jitter in K-probe is a good representation of quality. I would not trust their reviews, instead I would search the forums to see which drive burns with the lowest errors and lowest jitter. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
IMHO the latest generation Lite-On’s are not excellent readers/scanners/rippers. They take too long initialising are inconstant & finally the f/w seems to be inconsistant too. The demise of BenQ is only half the story with Lite-On seemingly determined to go to pot too.