20A1P 12X and 16X scanning!



I’ve been using the LiteOn 20A1P for a month now and am very happy with it.
It came with KL05 f/w and I upgraded to KL0G few days ago.
The problem is that I can not scan @12X or 16X past 4 MB “only” with TY T02 media :confused:
It will just hang there with no activity and cd dvd speed would not respond , people here say that with this new KL0G f/w , fast speed scans are very good which is true for me except for T02 media.
Did any one else noticed that ?


Just out of curiosity, what kind of scanning intervals do you get @12X & @16X (ex. 1.33 ECC).

On topic, have you tried setting the starting point for the scan to, say, 5MB and giving that a shot?


Well , I do’t know about scanning intervals and the 12X or 16X scans do not go past 4MB , I tried to set scan after 5 MB and it wouldn’t work untill after 20 MB for some discs and 100 MB for other discs :confused:
The drive just keep spinnng and does nothing else , I waited for abot 15 minutes then ended cd/dvd speed.
When I went back to KL0A or KL05 , 12X and 16X scans work fine (except for the fact of horrible scans)

This was not limited to T02 media as I first thought , but also other MIDs and the rest work fine :eek:


You might try Kprobe and see what happens. At least you could rule out the drive if it works.


Thank you very much for the suggestion , Kprobe worked just fine .
So , is it a problem with cd/dvd speed ?


Hard to say what is going on. Is the drive external by any chance, or is it possibly on a 40 wire cable?


minaelromany, I assume you use latest CD/DVD Speed.
Here is what I get with YUDEN000-T02 on a old NEC3540 (not mine) burn.
After spin-up time (10s) the read/scan speed i much lower with v. then with :confused:
Can you test with older CD/DVD Speed versions?

BTW, can’t see why anybody here even scans at 16x when only ~100k samples are mapped out of 140k possible (this disc).


There are a small group of people who think that the high speed scanning reveals something about the burn quality. The jury is still out on that one.


It really does. If you can get pretty much the same PI/PIF results on a 16X scan that you do on a 4X scan, that disc’s readability errors are pretty much stable at whatever speed you choose. I wouldn’t rely upon 16X scans solely. I always perform a 4X scan first.

@OP: I don’t have any problems scanning T02 @16X. Attached are some scans. In order: 16X T02, 4X T02, 16X MAXELL 002, 4X MAXELL 002. The PI on the T02 16X scan gets really high toward the end, but the PIF stays cool. The MAXELL 002 scans are pretty much the same. :slight_smile:

edit: yeah, i used Kprobe and CD-DVD speed; don’t whine.


Except for the fact that a considerable portion of any scan has to do with the read ability of the drive. This is why different drives will have different results as the speed increases. Since I never view my discs at any speed other than 1X and I never view them on scanning drives, I don’t really see what value 16X scans have, especially as they omit so many samples.


I tried and this time it wouldn’t go past 3 MB , with it wouldn’t go past 1 MB and with 4.11 wouldn’t go past 4 MB :eek:

I was trying to do 16X scans because I’ve read here that KL0G made them much better and was worried because some of my T02 burnt with Benq 1640 showed beautiful scans @8X but @16X there were lots of POFs , they were even clear in TRT .
The real problem here is not scanning at higher speeds is useful or not , the problem is it is so weird :slight_smile:


Actually 1x and 16x are my favorite speeds.

1x shows problems that even a 16x scan doesn’t show (probably because of the samples) and 16x scans show [I]some kind of[/I] real-world behavior and are good for a quick glance. If something is really wrong with the disc, it will not only be a few single spikes that would be missed, but the scan would look like this.
A few single spikes usually don’t matter. But spotting or clustering would definitely be visible even @ 16x.