20A1L to 20A1S success

I recently purchased a 20A1L drive and had been pretty satisfied with it’s burn quality and reliability…that is until last week when it was burning a disc from some MCC004 Verbatim discs I picked up. Initially the drive would give a large PIF spike while spinning up and ultimately ended up making a clicking sound while burning a disc.

Although the burn completed, the drive would stop scanning the disc after only reporting a couple samples of the disc quality, the disc scanned back on my BenQ 1640 showed no abnormalities on the lite-on burn, however the drive quit burning to any blank media I had on hand. Rebooting did not resolve the problems and since BL02 is the only available firmware for the drive I was pretty much stuck with it only reading but not writing discs.

I decided to downgrade the drive from a 20A1L to 20A1S latest firmware 9L07. The drive now burns blank media properly again, and in fact, I do not get that odd issue of 16X media scans being more accurate than 8X scans.

Second scan in my BenQ1640 was a Verbatim 16X -R burned at 18X…not bad…

Kind of strange how burning to the 20A1S resolved all the quirks my “old” 20A1L was having.