20A1H - Printing LightScribe label bugs drive until reboot

I have found that if I print a LightScribe label (using the latest LightScribe drivers) with the 20A1H, the drive’s performance appears to become corrupted. There are long pauses when starting programs (such as Nero), and reads from the drive appear to slow way down to about 50% speed. The drive also acquires a tendency to have read errors.

All this goes away after rebooting.

Anyone else experiencing this? To duplicate, print a LightScribe label. Then, put in any DVD, then try doing a read test with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Using Win XP SP2 with all latest updates, 20A1H with LL06, latest LightScribe (, and Droppix Label Maker (latest version: 2.8.2) as the LightScribe printing program.

Yes, this is a known issue with the 20x and 18x models…waiting for a fix :slight_smile:

Dang I searched first and didn’t see this mentioned, I must not have looked hard enough. Thanks!