20A1H Firmware Query

My 20A1H has fw LL0C which according to the European lite-on web site is the latest fw but if i look on the American lite-on web site it has LL0D as the latest. So which is it ?? i am assuming 0D as D comes after C but the dates don’t seem to suggest that…

LL0D 20/03/08
LL0C 10/04/08

Although the modification date that shows up in winrar for the exe file is…

LL0C has a 07 date and LL0D has a 08 date.

Just querying this before i flash the drive, wanna make sure it’s the latest fw.

Correct, LL0D is the latest, if not the final.

[QUOTE=KTL;2125881]Correct, LL0D is the latest, if not the final.[/QUOTE]

Final… it’s looking that way, isn’t it? Too bad all the mods for audio CDs have not been added to the official f/w. :sad: